Why you should trust me

My name is Konrad; I am a certified personal trainer for Fitness and Nhat-Nam Martial Arts. For the past few years, I have been active doing fitness. Presently, I focus on the development of wellness and body development programs. As well as how to apply these programs, both in personal training sessions and when clients train individually. I believe that every person has the opportunity and potential to achieve their goals and create a body they desire. I grew up with Eastern martial arts traditions, therefore my workout and diet plans, are based on healthy and sustainable lifestyles

Number's Don't Lie

  • Average - 5 kg

    Ladies lost an average 5 kilograms – with some losing up to 15 kilograms

  • Reduced waist size

    Women with Venus Diet reduced their waist size an average 7 centimeters - with some reducing up to 15 centimeters

  • Burned 4,500,000 calories

    Nothing burns more calories than balanced and regular diet combined with exercising and mindset