Some are worried about how to keep the progress made in the gym, while others are trying to start training at home on their own to avoid losing their hardly made shape.

Home workouts are a great opportunity for beginners to start workouts. And for experienced ones, home workouts can become as effective as a gym training sessions, if you do everything right and with a scientific approach.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are: to create a sculpted body, gain weight or become slimmer by the summer - all this can be achieved by staying at home!



We have developed a scientifically proven home workout program, meal plan and psychological support that will help your mind and body.

Let's see how your quarantine goes if:

Course coordinators

What you'll get?

4 weeks meal plan with over 100 recipes

This simple Nutrition Plan takes you step-by-step through the process and makes portion control so easy, you won't even have to think about it. Enjoy delicious, healthy food, and watch the weight fall off. That means you can still eat the foods you love. Learn how to choose right foods in supermarket and how to combine them together for the best weight loss effect.

Home workout plan for 4 weeks

A precisely designed women training program with ready-to-follow videos and correct exercise technique. Booty and all body toning, strengthening + HIIT. All you need to

Whatsapp/Viber “Coach” chat

In the chat, professional fitness trainer Konrad will answer your questions, help to overcome downfalls and correct your exercise technique.

5-10 minute daily videos on nutrition and training topics

The course is divided into 4 topics: 1. Healthy eating basics - losing first kilos. 2. Body and exercises - loving your body 3. Confidence, self-expression and emotional intellect 4. Mindset, keeping the weight after losing it. And other relevant topics such as cellulitis, stretch marks, flat belly. Natalia shares her stories and insights together with scientifically proven data.

Anti-Stress Meditation Guide

Meditation guide and guided meditations to relax and release stressful situations.







Venus Diet participant results of past flows:

Hear from the ladies we have impacted

Does It Work? Sure It Does!

“I have lost 5kg, reduced my waist circumference and made my butt bigger in just 4 weeks, and I know I’ll be able to keep making progress. My confidence is at an all-time high, and I can tell a difference in everything I do. Thanks, Venus diet for changing my life!”



“From using Venus Diet workout routine, I have achieved a pleasing percentage of body muscles and most importantly - started having a healthier lifestyle. Konrad is very dedicated to what he does and is always there for everyone full of good ideas, recipes, new workouts and offerings.”



“Thanks to Venus Diet, I managed to get rid of 7kg in one month. Thanks to Konrad, I changed my life and nutrition habits. My journey is still unfinished, there is a lot to improve, but the coolest trainer is helping me !!! Thank you very much !!!!”




  • Who is the course suitable for?

    This course is developed for women with basic understanding about physical activity and no or low experience with workouts, meal plans. For contraindications to physical activity, you must consult a doctor.

  • Do I need additional equipment?

    Yes, you will need small dumbbells and fitness bands/expanders.

  • How do I obtain my Venus Diet course?

    Simply log in to your dashboard using the username and password that you created during checkout. If you don’t know your username or have any problems logging into your account, contact

  • What if I’m following a vegan, vegetarian, paleo or gluten-free diet, have allergies to specific foods or vegetables?

    The Venus Diet recipes do not follow a specific diet style. If there is a specific recipe you cannot use because of dietary restrictions, contact us and we will send ideas for substitutions or another recipe to try instead.

  • Are wheat and grains included during the Venus Diet?

    The Venus Diet program includes some of the grains. While their amount is limited and calculated for the maximal weight loss effect.

  • Can I eat fruit on this program?

    During the Venus Diet, we do suggest that you limit your intake of fruit to one or two servings per day. In the recipes, you will see the occasional use of low sugar fruit such as berries. After the Venus Diet you are welcome to re-introduce higher sugar fruits back into your diet.

  • Can I drink alcohol during the detox?

    We suggest that you refrain from drinking alcohol during the Venus Diet course. But there are no strict restrictions. You choose how serious you want to go with the course.

  • Can I drink coffee during the course?

    Yes! You can drink coffee during the Venus Diet course. We provide a section in the Nutrition Plan guide that shows you how to sweeten your coffee without the use of refined sugar.


Divyarani Sishtla

5 star rating

“I gained weight in this quarantine period but through Venus diet I lost 6kgs in a short period of time. The videos are very useful. The exercises are perfect to tone the body. The mental health videos are very motivating and encouraging. What I li...”

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“I gained weight in this quarantine period but through Venus diet I lost 6kgs in a short period of time. The videos are very useful. The exercises are perfect to tone the body. The mental health videos are very motivating and encouraging. What I like about Venus diet is that all the videos are very lively and natural which really motivated me and pushed me to put in more time and efforts on my body and mental health. Also, the meal plan was like a cherry on top of the cake. It was very useful because it consists the ingredients, procedure and etc. Overall I would give this plan a 5/5 because I can truly see the change in my body and mind. I would suggest everyone to take this up and I am very sure you wont regret this decision.”

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